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When Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Park City?

The best time of year to visit Park City, Utah

When Is The Best Time To Visit Park City, Utah?

Park City, Utah is one of the most famous mountain towns in the United States because it has so much to offer. Scenery, wildlife, skiing and snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, fishing and shopping are just a few of the main attractions that bring over 4 million tourists to Park City each year. It's tough to do it all at once so many people want to know when is the best time of year to visit Park City? This is a rather loaded and relative question depending on who you ask because theres one rather big problem. I'm not sure if problem is the best word to describe what I'm about to cover because it can also be viewed as a bonus. There is so much to do in Park City that it's tough to nail down the perfect time of year to visit. I think that in order to arrive at any sort of a conclusion we need to take this topic season by season and formulate an opinion after gathering all the facts about Park City and the best time to visit this magical mountain town. 

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Park City, Utah In The Spring 

Park City absolutely glows in the spring and it is a great time to enjoy the warm weather skiing. There is still plenty of snow, especially this year after we've experienced a record snowfall and the real fun on the slopes starts to begin signaling the closing of the ski season. This year (2023) Park City has actually extended their season 2 additional weeks because of the crazy amount of snow that has covered the hills so it is sure to be a good season closer. This is the first time this has happened in 30 years! Springtime in Park city is a time when the attitude starts to shift and you'll see a lot of fun activities start to kick off. Skiing is still awesome and the powder is still falling. The difference is that the days are a little longer and the weather is a little warmer. This soft hero snow will get you on the first lift and keep you until the last bell. Sunscreen and sunglasses or tinted goggles will be very beneficial for your time on the hill. Après Ski in Park City during the late ski season entering spring is one of the best times you can have on the mountainside. People are fired up with the sunny longer days and the epic snow still on the mountain so the mood is high and people know the season is winding down so they are on a mission to make the most of it. Make sure to check out The Ultimate Après Ski Guide for Park City to see which after ski party will fit your style the best. During the early spring (March 23 - April 7th) Park City hosts the PCMR Spring Gruv which includes daily après, music and fun wrapped up with the annual Pond Skim. If you still have the energy to get the most out of Park City in the springtime after your après ski, you might consider joining in the Park City nightlife! Park City has a very vibrant and exciting nightlife both on and off Main Street. Well over 100 bars and restaurants offer a variety of options no matter what you're after. One of the favorite local watering holes is known as The No Name Saloon and the upstairs deck overlooking Main Street is a blast in the early spring time. 

A must do Park City spring time activity is the Park City Skim Pond! Park City ends the season and the Spring Gruv festival with one of the funnest attractions of the season. Contestants gear up to compete by skimming across a large pond to earn prizes and win the coveted Pond Skim championship title while wearing outrageous costumes. This event offers something for the whole family and includes raffles and giveaways and takes place on April 6th. 

Pond Skimming Park City | The Best Time To Visit Park City

Park City, Utah In The Summer

When the days start to get longer and the snow melts away, you'll find a new group of people start to surface around the streets of Park City, Utah. Although winter is what made Park City famous, summer keeps the economy rolling throughout the year. There is so much to do in Park City during the summer and it is arguably one of the best times to enjoy the world's greatest mountain town. The flowers are in bloom, the trails are dry and the days are long. Park City is famous for the snow and skiing but the summer season is a real treat for the outdoor enthusiast. From outdoor concerts to world class mountain biking, fishing and golfing Park City has it all. Park City is an absolute playground in the summer months. The Sunday Park Silly market that takes up the entirety of Main Street in Old Town and offers open air vendors with crafts, food, veggies and art. You will find live music and an overall vibe cohesive with a good time on a Sunday. Speaking of concerts, Deer Valley has one of the best music venues around with a natural amphitheater at the base of the resort and pristine mountain views surrounding the stage. It's a wonderful place to catch your favorite band or find someone new to enjoy. The surrounding mountains offer hundreds and hundreds of miles of world-class mountain biking and I mean World Class mountain biking! You will find trails for every skill level and plenty of rental shops with the newest gear to get you set if you need. Woodward and Deer Valley also offer professionally designed bike parks with jumps that will make the squeamish cringe and their size. If you're not going to send it, at least take a lap and watch the ones who do. Another very popular summer activity in Park City is the golf. Park City is home to some of the best golf courses in Utah and just introduced something truly newsworthy. Tiger Woods design company is bringing their first mountain designed course to park City, Utah set to open by 2024. Until then enjoy any one of the 6 golf courses in Park City but note that a few are private memberships only. 

Summer in Park City | The Best Time To Visit Park City

Not only is Park City a great golf and bike destination, it is well-known by a lot of locals for awesome boating and fishing. All that world famous snow has to drain somewhere and when it does be ready for an epic day on the nearby lakes or on the rivers flowing down to the Salt Lake Valley and Utah County. Jordanelle State Park is an incredible man-made lake that is only 15 minutes from the base of Park City Mountain Resort. Here you will find great camping, boating, kayaking, fishing and a cool place to enjoy during the heat of the day. Boat rentals are very accessible and this lake is a great place to cool off. There are 3 other lakes within very close distance to Park City as well so the crowds are never too big unless it's a holiday weekend. Nearby lakes are Deer Creek, Echo, East Canyon and Strawberry. If you are a fly-fisherman, a world famous fishery starts just on the other side of the Jordanelle dam. The Provo River is known for some of the best looking Brown Trout in the world and the river is absolutely full of them. The river is a steady temp year round so the fish are able to grow big and stay healthy. You can fish this river all year but there are a few runoff weeks in the late spring that make the water flow too fast for good fishing. 

If you're not the most outdoorsy person, summer is still one of the best times to visit Park City because the streets are alive with people and events. From the markets to the shopping and the nightlife, Summer in Park City is a blast no matter what time of day. When the sun falls Main Street truly lights up and the restaurants and bars start to get a little more lively. This is a great time to experience the Park City atmosphere and share a drink with the locals. There are many bars along Main Street and there's the famous High West Distillery at the bottom that offers tours and great food as well. 

Fall In Park City, Utah

Fall In Park City is truly a sight to behold. There is a big window the moment the nights start to get that fall chill and the sun goes to bed early that the leaves on the trees change color. This transformation is a vibrant hint that the season is changing and winter is on its way in. When this happens the scenery is arguably the best it looks all year long. The aspen trees fill the mountains with golds, reds and yellows. The color transformation is truly remarkable and people drive in from all over to see the change. The smell among the trails starts to change with a sweet scent from the leaves starting to fall below. The dirt becomes a little softer and makes hiking and biking that much more fun. All the summer activities are great to enjoy during the fall in Park City but you will have a little different scenery and if you golf in the fall be sure to bring extra balls. You would be amazed at how easy it is to lose a ball under a small pile of leaves. The Park City Farmers market really comes to life in the fall months as the harvest begins. You will find some of the best natural produce around during this time of year. This is also a great time to pamper yourself after a summer full of activities. Spa treatments, scenic drives and good food make for an unforgettable easy fall day to enjoy. Another popular fall activity is a whisky tour at High West. You can enjoy an educational tasting that will surely warm your belly followed by a delicious lunch or dinner. One thing many people like to do during the fall months in Park City is to enjoy a town tour on two wheels. The cooler temps and the mountain air make it the perfect time to enjoy the city on a bike. One of my favorite fall activities in Park City is the hot air balloon rides. They allow you to really see the fall colors and how pretty this place is with the best view around, high up in a hot air balloon! Tours fill up quick so we recommend booking this experience in advance. 

Hot Air Balloon In Park City | Fall In Park City | The Best Time To Visit Park CIty

Winter In Park City, Utah

Winter in Park City is a skier's paradise! Simply put there is no better place in the Western US to spend a winter than Park City, Utah. If this year has showed us anything it's that you will never run out of fresh powder or pristine ski runs. This season has been record breaking but every winter in Park City is absolutely amazing! This town knows how to cater to snow lovers of all ages and has been doing so for decades. Luxury mountain living and skiing straight to your door is an experience thats tough to beat. There are a few different places to ski or snowboard when in Park City. Woodward has a terrain park, Park City Mountain is right in the heart of town, Deer Valley is the luxury experience you've always dreamt of and The Canyons offers a bit of it all. Also keep in mind that an extension on the back side of Deer Valley is currently being built and is called The Mayflower Mountain Resort. It promises to be unlike anything else in the world. Aside from world-class skiing and snowboarding Park City offers so much to do in the winter. Snowmobiling, snowshoeing, ice fishing, fly fishing, shopping, sledding, ice skating.... I mean the list goes on! Park City in the winter is a paradise. 

Park City in the winter is anything but looking out of a window at a snow covered postcard view. Park City is made to entertain in the colder months. This place is a very popular destination for dog sledding, snow biking, luxury sleigh rides and even hot air ballooning. The unique thing about Park City is that the diversity of the population has brought everything to this magical mountain town. People from around the world have made Park City their home and have incorporated traditions and activities from every corner of the globe. 

Skiing In Park City | The Best Time To Visit Park City

When Is The Best Time To Visit Park City? 

The short answer is that there is no "best time to visit Park City". Coming from a local, the best time in Park City is all year long! We look forward to the seasonal changes because they mean its time to put the skis away for the bikes or head over to the closest river to take in the views while trying to hook a record brown trout or golfing during the peak of the vibrant leaf color season. There is no best time to visit Park City because in general, Park City Is The Best Time! If you are looking for something to do or are eager to learn more about the world's greatest mountain town reach out to the team at Railton North + Co for a private tour of the city or the mountain. The team at Homes Park City know this town better than most and would be thrilled to help you experience it at its best. Railton North + Co. have been in the Park City area for decades taking in everything it has to offer. Their rooted experience will give you the reality of what to expect from Park City, Utah. Reach out here and see if this gem is right for you. 

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