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Where Does Park City, Utah Rank On Best Places To Live?

Where Does Park City, Utah Rank On Best Places To Live?

Is Park City Utah A Good Place To Live? 

Park City, Utah has a permanent population of 8,352 people nestled in the mountains above Salt Lake City that share the strong opinion that Park City Utah is a good place to live. How do you rank a city considering that you might have one small and obviously biased group of residents who all share the same love for a special place? Well let's dissect some of the components that make a town special and try to formulate where Park City ranks out of the best places to live in the United States. Let's dive into everything from the school system, things to do, the job market, the tourism, the nightlife, down to the homes in Park City. This small mountain town has a huge presence and a unique vibe that you won't be able to find anywhere else in the world. 

Park City Gives You A Feeling Unlike Anywhere Else 

Ask anyone you see in Park City if this place is different and you will undoubtedly hear the same result time and time again. That's because Park City, Utah IS different. This city started out as a miners town decades ago and has evolved into something unique and special over time. Park City was discovered by soldiers in 1868 who were stationed in Salt Lake City set out to find silver. The completion of the Transcontinental Railroad in 1870 fueled the growth by bringing hopeful miners who heard rumors of overnight riches. The town was very successful however that success was relatively short lived and Park City was left with a lot of people who quickly realized that they were living in a natural paradise. A place where skiing, snowmobiling, hiking and outdoor recreation was the real resource in the area. Today Park City resort alone offers over 9,300 acres of skiable area! Combined with the other resorts and the new Mayflower ski resort on the way, it's easy to see how nowhere else compares to Park City on just the skiing alone. Over 4 million annual tourists would also agree that something special lies in the boundaries of Park City. Tourism is a huge part of the Park City atmosphere year round but its not the same feel as visiting somewhere like Aspen or Tahoe. Park City is a friendly community where people enjoy getting together and sharing experiences. Park City is very tourist friendly but everyone usually just assumes everyone is a local. In 2017 Park City saw just over 600,000 tourists in a year. Jump forward 5 years and that number has exponentially increased to 4 million! Where did this enormous increase come from? Take a look at what Park City has to offer compared to other mountain towns in the Western US. 

Park City Is Rated The Number 1 City In Summit County 

Park City is seeing a massive growth for various reasons. The economy in Park City is actually showing increases across the board with jobs, income, housing and accessibility. All of these things are drawing many investors and people looking for a change in a stable area. Homes in Park City range from $900k up to 33 million with the median home value being around $3.5million. Condos range from $250k up to $21 million. 28% of the population rents where 72% are owners. The Park City public school system has an A rating, an A in nightlife, an A- in diversity and an A in areas good for families. This unique landscape offers a suburban mix with spacious mountain living. Park City is known as a slightly younger community who thrive in outdoor adventures. Outside Magazine voted Park City as the "Best Town In America" beating out Telluride and Aspen by a considerable margin. The biggest draw is that Park City is close to one of the largest and fastest growing metropolitan areas in the United States. Salt Lake City is roughly 30 minutes away from Park City which is also less than 40 minutes from the international airport. Park City offers some of the best skiing in the world as well as gold rated mountain biking trails and access. The recreation is on another level with snowmobiling, year-round fly fishing, water sports from the surrounding lakes, heli-skiing and so much more. Park City is a combination of a nineteenth-century mining town and a modern alpine luxury destination. 

Park City Is Very Unique Making It A Top Rated City 

Park City has a community that cares about lifestyle. This lifestyle is mountain fun mixed with outdoor luxury. You'll find ski-bums chasing those perfect powder days co-mingling with Sundance attendees who are here to watch their film release while walking the extravagant shops of Main Street. People travel from around the world to enjoy the mountain bike trails that cater to every skill level. The nightlife is bigger than almost anywhere else in Utah and the recreation is close, accessible and easy to enjoy. The homes in Park City are close enough to create a community but spread out for everyone to enjoy their own space. There truly is no other place like Park City, Utah which is what ranks it as one of the best places to live. There is plenty of room to grow and the infrastructure is set up for a thriving mountain community for the foreseeable future. The economy is unique to the area and doesn't follow down trends like other places in the current market because of the foundation that built this city into what it currently is. Another appeal to Park City is that you don't have to be an outdoor enthusiast to enjoy the amenities. There are private golf courses, private swim beaches, high end shops and dining that would make the best chefs smile. Everything in Park City is accessible, close convenient and more importantly offers a quality of life you will have a hard time finding anywhere else. 

Is The Number 1 Mountain Town In America The Right Place For You? 

Where Park City ranks among other mountain towns is always going to be a relative discussion however it's easy to see what makes it a number one place to live in so many people's hearts. Park City offers everything you could want no matter what your lifestyle is or what time of year you enjoy best. This place offers the best of every single season and those that live here take full advantage and center their lives around it. If Park City doesn't have it, the surrounding big cities do and they are all closer than most people's work commutes anywhere else. If you want to get to know Park City a little better, the best thing you can do is talk to the locals and the people who live this spectacular life. Sean Railton and Ali North with Homes Park City have been in Park City enjoying the modern mountain lifestyle for decades and are proud to call this number 1 city home. If you are interested in making this place yours and would like to tour some homes in Park City don't hesitate to reach out for a private tour of the world's best mountain town! 

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