10 Park City Home Winter Preparation Tips To Protect Your Investment

Planning your Park City home winterization

10 Winter Preparation Tips for Your Park City Home

Given the increasing number of residents in town to ski, It is a great time to discuss some proactive measures for preparing your  Park City home for the upcoming winter season. Whether you're new to mountain town living or seeking a straightforward checklist, these educational tips aim to serve as a valuable resource in protecting your investment. Luxury mountain living is the best way to live in our opinion. But, only things are working right! Here are Homes Park City's top 10 essential steps to ensure your home is winter-ready, mountain style.

10 Winter Preparation Tips for Your Park City Home

  1. HVAC System Check:

    • Replace your HVAC system's filter and humidifier filter.
    • Consider a seasonal service to inspect and address leaks, corrosion, dirt, and debris during each weather shift. 
      • Pro-Tip, If you schedule this when the temps are 70 degrees in the day and 50 or below at night, most technicians can inspect both heat and AC at the same time. 
  2. Door and Window Inspection:

    • Survey doors and windows for gaps, addressing drafts that bring in cold air.
    • Explore energy-efficient upgrades and take advantage of utility company incentives. Many times, you will also notice insurance incentives. 
  3. Chimney Inspection (if applicable):

    • Have your wood-burning fireplace chimney inspected.
    • Enhance efficiency by using hardwood and circulating heat with fans.

  1. Thermostat Programming:

    • Program your thermostat to a minimum temperature as a precaution against frozen pipes.
    • Invest in a smart thermostat for energy efficiency as winter progresses.
  2. Snowmelt Systems:

    • Consider snowmelt systems for sidewalks and driveways.
    • Prioritize roof and gutter de-icing systems to prevent hazards like roof avalanches.
  3. Gutter Maintenance:

    • Clean out gutters to prevent debris buildup.
    • Ensure gutters are ready for spring snowmelt.

  1. Roof Inspection:

    • Visually inspect your roof for leaks and issues.
    • Entrust a roofing professional for a thorough examination.
  2. Outdoor Space Decluttering:

    • Protect outdoor belongings by using tarps and decluttering spaces before heavy snowfall.
  3. Salt Usage:

    • Use salt sparingly, considering eco-friendly salt-free de-icers.
    • Be mindful of environmental concerns for vegetation, aquatic life, and pets and the integrity of your concrete. 

  1. Outdoor Water Systems Shutdown:

    • Hire a professional to blow out sprinkler system lines.
    • Shut off water valves to outdoor spigots and remove hoses; prepare pools for winter.

Additionally, remember to check carbon monoxide and smoke detector batteries for safety.

Taking these precautionary steps will save you potential headaches in the coming months. At Railton North + Co | Homes Park City we are here to provide valuable insights for our community's well-being and home maintenance. If you are looking for a handyman or property manager to help with your winter maintenance, reach out today and we will provide you with our recommended list.


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