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What To Do In Park City During The Sundance Film Festival In 2024

Park City At Night During The Sundance Film Festival | Railton North + Co

What To Do In Park City During the 2024 Sundance Film Festival

As the winter snow finally starts to fully blanket the mountain town of Park City, Utah, it transforms into a buzzing hub for filmmakers, celebrities, and movie enthusiasts alike, all converging for the prestigious Sundance Film Festival. While the Festival is undoubtedly the main draw during its presence, Park City offers a myriad of experiences beyond the silver screen for visitors and locals to get out and enjoy. In this well-rounded guide, we’ll explore the best places to see, restaurants to dine at, exciting adventures, and relaxing activities to indulge in during the Sundance Film Festival. Here are 25 things to do when you're in Park City. 

1. Immersive Film Experiences at Sundance

First and foremost, the Sundance Film Festival is a cinephile's paradise. Plan to immerse yourself in the world of independent filmmaking. Secure tickets to various screenings, often graced by the presence of directors and actors. The Egyptian Theatre on Main Street is a historic and iconic venue, and experiencing a film here is a must. Don’t forget to participate in panel discussions and Q&A sessions – they offer deep insights into the filmmaking process.

The Egyptian Theater on Main Street During The Sundance Film Festival

2. Exploring Historic Main Street

Main Street in Old Town, Park City is the truly the heart of the Festival and has been since 1981 when it found its home. Lined with art galleries, boutiques, and vibrant murals, it’s perfect for a leisurely stroll. There are plenty of restaurants on Main Street in Park City to keep your energy levels up to par. The street buzzes with energy during the Festival, and you might just bump into a celebrity or two. Be sure to visit the Park City Museum to delve into the town's rich mining history and how it quickly became a world-class ski town. 

3. Culinary Delights on Main Street

Park City's dining scene is as diverse as its film offerings. Main Street, in particular, boasts an array of restaurants that cater to every palate.

  • Riverhorse on Main: One of Park City’s premier restaurants, it offers eclectic American cuisine. Perfect for a luxurious dinner post-screening.
  • High West Distillery & Saloon: Ideal for whiskey aficionados, this place serves up great food along with their famous spirits.
  • Handle: Experience creative American cuisine with a twist in this cozy, yet elegant spot.

4. Skiing and Snowboarding Adventures

If you're a winter sports enthusiast, Park City is a dream destination. The town boasts world-class ski resorts like Park City Mountain Resort, The Canyons, and Deer Valley. Even if you’re visiting primarily for the Festival, taking a day to hit the slopes can be an exhilarating experience.

5. Relaxing at Luxury Spas

After a day of film screenings or outdoor adventures, unwind at one of Park City’s luxurious spas. The Spa at Hotel Park City and The Waldorf Astoria Spa offer a range of treatments to rejuvenate your body and mind.

6. Art Galleries and Local Artisans

Park City is home to numerous art galleries, with local and international artists showcasing their work. Galleries like the Meyer Gallery and Gallery MAR are worth visiting for art lovers.

7. Outdoor Excursions

If you’re looking to escape the bustle and the traffic of the Festival, take a scenic drive through the Wasatch Mountains or explore the trails on a snowshoeing or cross-country skiing adventure. The breathtaking landscapes provide a serene counterpoint to the Festival’s excitement. Many of the local golf courses turn their grounds into cross-country skiing parks that weave and wind through the beautiful landscape. Keep an eye out for the wildlife. 

8. Nightlife and Live Music

As the sun sets, Main Street comes alive with a vibrant nightlife. Check out live music venues like The Marquis PC where you will find The Dirty Heads on the 27th, The Spur Bar and Grill or the Downstairs. These spots often host impromptu performances by famous artists in town for the Festival so keep your ear to the ground.

9. Cozy Cafes and Bakeries

For a more laid-back experience, explore Park City’s cafes and bakeries. The Java Cow Cafe & Bakery and Atticus Coffee, Books & Teahouse offer the perfect ambiance for a relaxing break in a quiet space.

10. Local Shopping

Main Street’s boutiques offer unique shopping experiences – from high-end fashion to locally made crafts and souvenirs. Dugins West and the Tanger Outlets are great spots for finding something special to remember your trip by.

11. Cultural Experiences

Visit the Kimball Art Center to indulge in contemporary art exhibitions and workshops. During Sundance, it often hosts special events and displays related to the film industry.

12. Relaxing Day Trips

Consider a day trip to nearby attractions like the Homestead Crater, a geothermal spring where you can swim, snorkel, or even scuba dive in warm, mineral-rich waters.

13. Gourmet Coffee and Chocolates

Fuel up with gourmet coffee at Park City Coffee Roaster or indulge in handcrafted chocolates at Ritual Chocolate, a must-visit for sweet-toothed travelers.

14. Fine Dining Experiences

For an unforgettable dining experience, book a table at The Farm, known for its locally sourced, seasonal dishes. Another top choice is Tupelo Park City, offering globally-inspired, artisanal cuisine.

15. Sundance’s Social Scene

Attend the various parties and social events that take place during the Festival. These gatherings are great for networking, meeting filmmakers, and enjoying the celebratory atmosphere. Many of these events are private parties but if you are in the right place at the right time, you can usually join at your leisure. 

16. Health and Wellness Activities

Engage in recharging wellness activities like yoga and meditation offered by various studios in town. The peaceful mountain setting makes for the perfect backdrop to rejuvenate. 

17. Catch a Live Performance

Beyond films, catch live performances at the Egyptian Theatre or the Eccles Center, ranging from concerts to broadway and dance shows.

18. Indulge in Local Brews

Visit local breweries like the Wasatch Brew Pub or Park City Brewing. to taste some of the finest craft beers in the region.

19. Exploring the Great Outdoors

Park City isn’t just about skiing and snowboarding. The surrounding area offers snowmobiling, bobsledding experiences at the Utah Olympic Park, and even hot air balloon rides for a bird's-eye view of the stunning landscape. Don't forget about fly-fishing and ice-fishing from blue ribbon fisheries. 

20. Family-Friendly Activities

If you’re visiting with family, the Park City Ice Arena offers skating fun for all ages, or check out the Park City Library for family-friendly events and activities.

21. Photography Tours

Take a guided photography tour to capture the stunning landscapes and historic architecture of Park City, a forever lasting memento of your time at Sundance.

22. Visiting the Olympic Park

Explore the Utah Olympic Park, home to various winter sports activities and the Alf Engen Ski Museum. Fun Olympic fact: Salt Lake Utah has been recommended as the preferred host of the 2034 Winter Olympics. This means Park City has a good chance of growth potential in the next 10 years. What does this mean for the Sundance Film Festival? Book early I guess.

23. Relaxing at Local Parks

Take a break at City Park or Rotary Park, perfect spots for a peaceful walk or a casual picnic.

24. Culinary Tours

Join a culinary tour to explore Park City's food scene, a great way to sample a variety of local flavors.

25. Sundance Panels and Workshops

Lastly, don’t miss the chance to attend Sundance’s panels and workshops. These sessions offer insights into the industry and are often led by accomplished professionals and oftentimes accompanied by some surprise guests.

Prioritize Your Time At Sundance In Park City To Take It All In

As you can see, there is a lot to see! It is easy to get overwhelmed and it is easy to accidentally miss out on something you wish you hadn't. Our recommendation is to pace yourself, time block your stay and book or reserve your interests in advance. There can be a lot to see and traffic is pretty thick during the Festival so plan accordingly. Park City during the Sundance Film Festival is not just a haven for film lovers but a destination filled with diverse experiences. From unbelievable films and exciting outdoor activities to relaxing spas, gourmet dining followed by a vibrant nightlife, there’s something for everyone. Sundance arrives as fast as it goes and the time is never enough it seems. Plan your trip with this guide, and you’re sure to have an unforgettable time at Sundance 2024! At Homes Park City, we are local and we know local. It is our job to remind you why Park City is our favorite place to live. If you have any questions, the Railton North + Co. team would love to help you. 


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