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Introducing Kids to Skiing: A Family-Friendly Guide to Deer Valley Resort

Introducing Kids to Skiing: A Family-Friendly Guide to Deer Valley Resort

Utah’s idyllic Park City is an incredibly beautiful and spacious area surrounded by towering mountains. The inimitable beauty of this area of Utah is perfect for hiking, mountain biking, and an array of other exciting outdoor pursuits. However, by far, one of the most popular activities in Park City is hitting the slopes at the local Deer Valley Resort.

Deer Valley is the perfect place to teach kids to ski and bring them back for an annual family vacation, even if no one in your family has tried skiing before. Here are some of the basics to know before planning a family-friendly ski trip to Deer Valley Resort, including some of the many other great things to do in Deer Valley.

The basics: skiing and more

Deer Valley Resort is the gold standard for ski resorts in the American West. It has impressive views, courteous staff, hearty food, luxury lodging, and so much to do. This famous getaway attracts visitors from all over the U.S., as well as a steady stream of locals taking advantage of living in proximity to this vacation paradise.

While the skiing scene here is undoubtedly unmatched, Deer Valley Resort is full of other fun things to do, with opportunities for mountain biking, hiking, and more. You can find great restaurants at Deer Valley as well as a variety of high-end places to stay.

Family-friendly fun

When you’re skiing as a family, not everyone is going to be at the same level. The same applies to mountain biking, hiking, and other outdoor sports. That’s why Deer Valley Resort is designed to accommodate skiers and outdoor adventurers of all ages and skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, young or old, there’s something for you at Deer Valley.

Deer Valley ski lessons

Even if you’ve never skied before in your life, you’ll be quite at home at Deer Valley. Adults and kids alike can sign up for lessons to get started, hone their skills, and reach the next level. Through the Deer Valley Resort, you can book ski lessons at the Deer Valley Ski School. Deer Valley ski lessons, as well as mountain bike lessons, are available for adults and children of different ages. Lessons for youth are divided into several different age groups so that everyone from your young children aged four and above to your older teenagers can take lessons with their peers. Want an even more deluxe experience? You can also take private lessons with one of the excellent ski instructors at Deer Valley Resort. Pro tip: If your travels bring you to Deer Valley during a high demand time you may need to book your ski lessons in July to be sure of availability.

Different seasons at Deer Valley

Deer Valley is more than just a winter ski resort; it’s a year-round playground for lovers of the great outdoors. There’s something to enjoy in every season amongst the rugged natural Utah landscapes, and some of the best enjoyment is found at Deer Valley.

Deer Valley has a summer season and a winter season, as the rugged peaks transition between snow-capped crispness and warm-weather verdancy. That’s part of the magic of the area and one of the many reasons why there are so many things to do in Deer Valley. Operations at the resort may vary according to changing weather patterns as the mountains around Park City are alternately capped with elegant snow and then thawed to reveal pristine greenery each year.

Lodging at Deer Valley

When you come to Deer Valley Resort, everything you need is available onsite, including lodging. You can rent a vacation property in the area or check out a nearby luxury hotel. Deer Valley provides property management to investors in the area, ensuring that guests have a top-notch stay furnished by Deer Valley Resort. If you’re interested in becoming a local real estate investor, your future investment property could be managed by Deer Valley.

Tours and events

One of the great things about Deer Valley Resort is that there’s too much to experience in a day or even over a weekend visit. So, you can keep coming back to Deer Valley and having new, unique experiences that your family will cherish. During your ski trip, you can take a tour of the rugged mountains of Deer Valley led by an expert skier. The resort also has a variety of events in store, including great opportunities to enjoy premier cuisine and wine. You can also book your own special occasion at Deer Valley Resort.

Bringing your kids to Deer Valley Resort

For families with kids, bringing the whole family on a skiing vacation is part of the experience. Nevertheless, especially for parents with very young children, it’s nice to have a few minutes of quality time alone if possible.

Parents can get childcare for their kids as young as two months or as old as 12 years of age at the Children’s Center at Deer Valley Resort. This state-licensed center is well-equipped and well-staffed to entertain your youngsters while the adults in your group relax with food and wine or hit the slopes for some more advanced sporting. Activities your kids will enjoy include crafts, storytelling, and open play time with toys, as well as indoor and outdoor playgrounds. There is also food provided during these all-day programs. Your child will enjoy structured, engaging activities with peers of a similar age. 

Bring your family home to beautiful Utah

Kids, adults, and entire families from all over the U.S. love skiing at Deer Valley Resort, but only a few are fortunate enough to live nearby. If you’d like to make trips to Deer Valley Resort on a regular basis, take a look at some fantastic local properties with a Deer Valley real estate expert at Railton North + Co | Homes Park City. These exceptional agents bring over 30 years of experience to the game, and they are ready to guide you toward all your real estate goals. Reach out to Sean Railton and Ali North today to see what adventures are out there awaiting you.

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