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A Full Guide On Where To E-Bike In Park City Utah!

A Full Guide On Where To E-Bike In Park City Utah!

The Full E-Bike Trail Guide For Park City Utah

Park City, Utah, is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a plethora of activities that cater to all kinds of adventurers. Among these, e-biking has surged in popularity, providing a fantastic way to explore the stunning landscapes without the physical strain of traditional biking. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a casual rider, Park City’s diverse trail system has something to offer. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the best e-bike trails and routes in Park City.

Why E-Bike in Park City?

E-bikes, or electric bikes, combine the convenience and assistance of a motor with the versatility of a bicycle. This makes them perfect for tackling Park City's varied terrain, from steep mountain trails to scenic valley paths. E-bikes allow you to cover more ground with less effort, enabling riders to enjoy the natural beauty of the area without exhausting themselves.

Essential Trails and Routes

1. Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail

Distance: 28 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Highlights: Scenic views, wildlife, historic sites

The Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail is a must-ride for e-bike enthusiasts. Stretching from Park City to Echo Reservoir, this 28-mile trail follows an old railroad line and offers gentle grades, making it accessible to riders of all skill levels. The trail passes through stunning landscapes, including wetlands, meadows, and mountains, providing ample opportunities for wildlife sightings and photography. Historic markers along the route offer glimpses into the area's rich past, adding an educational twist to your ride.

2. Mid Mountain Trail (If you are 65 or older)

Distance: 23 miles
Difficulty: Intermediate
Highlights: Panoramic views, forested areas, varied terrain

The Mid Mountain Trail is a quintessential Park City experience. At around 8,000 feet above sea level, this 23-mile trail weaves through aspen and pine forests, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. The trail's varied terrain includes smooth sections and technical segments, providing a moderate challenge that intermediate riders will relish. The Mid Mountain Trail also connects with several other trails, allowing for customizable ride lengths and difficulty levels.

3. Round Valley Trail System

Distance: Varies (over 30 miles of trails)
Difficulty: Easy to Intermediate
Highlights: Open space, diverse trails, accessibility

Round Valley is a favorite among local riders for its wide range of trails and open space. The trail system spans over 30 miles, with options ranging from easy, flat paths to more challenging climbs and descents. This area is perfect for e-bikers looking to explore different routes without straying too far from town. The scenic vistas of the Wasatch Mountains and the convenient access points make Round Valley an ideal spot for a quick ride or an extended adventure. Make sure to stick to the double track trails. All single-track trails are off limits to e-bikes unless you are physically disabled or 65 years or older. 

4. Perimeter Trail around Jordanelle Reservoir

Distance: 14.6 miles
Difficulty: Intermediate
Highlights: Flowing doubletrack, beautiful wildflowers, mountain and lake views

For those seeking a slightly longer ride with rewarding scenery, the Perimeter Trail is an excellent choice. This 29-mile out and back features a rewarding double track along the lake that flows through fields of wildflowers and offers stunning views of the surrounding peaks. The trail's moderate climbs and descents are perfect for beginner to intermediate riders, providing a fun and engaging ride without being overly strenuous. The Perimeter Trail is also known for its well-maintained paths and light traffic, making it a peaceful escape into nature. Experienced riders c

5. Deer Valley Mountain Resort Trails

Distance: Varies
Difficulty: All levels
Highlights: Lift-served access, varied terrain, resort amenities

Deer Valley Mountain Resort offers an extensive network of trails that cater to e-bike riders of all skill levels. With lift-served access, riders can enjoy the thrill of downhill trails without the arduous climb. The resort's trail system includes everything from gentle cruisers to challenging technical descents, ensuring that every rider finds something to their liking. After a day of riding, the resort's amenities, including dining and shopping options, provide a convenient way to relax and unwind.

Tips for E-Biking in Park City

  1. Know the Rules: Make sure to familiarize yourself with local regulations regarding e-bike usage. Some trails may have specific rules or restrictions for e-bikes. No Single Track riding is allowed unless you are in Deer Valley resort or are 65 years of age or older or have a physical disability that requires you to use an e-bike.

  2. Check Your Battery: Ensure your e-bike is fully charged before heading out. Park City's elevation and terrain can drain batteries faster than you might expect.

  3. Dress Appropriately: Weather in the mountains can change rapidly. Dress in layers and bring waterproof gear to stay comfortable throughout your ride.

  4. Stay Hydrated: High altitudes can lead to quicker dehydration. Carry plenty of water and take regular breaks to stay hydrated.

  5. Trail Etiquette: Respect other trail users by yielding when necessary, staying on designated paths, and avoiding wildlife disturbances.

  6. Safety Gear: Always wear a helmet and consider additional protective gear, especially on more technical trails.

E-Bike Rental and Maintenance

If you don't own an e-bike or are visiting Park City, several local shops offer rentals and maintenance services. Here are a few reputable options:

  • JANS: Located conveniently in town, JANS provides a range of e-bike rentals and expert maintenance services. Their knowledgeable staff can help you choose the perfect bike and offer trail recommendations.
  • White Pine Touring: Another excellent option, White Pine Touring offers high-quality e-bike rentals and guided tours, ideal for those new to the area or looking for a curated experience.
  • Park City Bike Demos: Specializing in high-end bike rentals, this shop allows riders to test out the latest models on Park City's renowned trails.


Park City, Utah, is a premier destination for e-bike enthusiasts, offering an incredible variety of trails that showcase the area's natural beauty and diverse terrain. Whether you're gliding along the gentle paths of the Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail, tackling the moderate challenges of the Mid Mountain Trail, or enjoying the convenience of the Deer Valley Mountain Resort trails, there's an e-bike adventure waiting for you. Embrace the freedom and excitement of e-biking in Park City and discover why this mountain town is a cyclist's paradise. Make sure to reach out to the Railton North + Co team for an in-depth review of the best trails for your skill level around town. Sean and Ali with Homes Park City are both avid mountain bikers and know the trails like the back of their hands. 

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