10 Tips To Get Your Park City Home Ready For Spring

10 Tips To Get Your Park City Home Ready For Spring

10 Tips To Get Your Home In Park City Ready For Spring

Spring has been long waited for after this historic snowfall winter that Park City, Utah has just experienced. The winter season of 2022-2023 has surpassed the most amount of snow ever recorded in Utah’s history since they started measuring snowfall. The snow may still be flying, but the mindset has shifted into spring and that means it’s time for spring clean-up and maintenance around your home. Railton North + Co. | Homes Park City has a few tips to help you check off your maintenance list. Follow this homeowners checklist of 10 helpful tips to get your home in Park City ready for spring.

Let's Get Your Park City Home Ready For Spring

Tip One- clean debris out of your gutters. This project can be hired out by a professional or can take an afternoon to get the job done. Grab your ladder, gloves and a bucket and make a plan. Home Improvement stores sell a few tools to make this job easier but nothing beats getting your hands dirty. Making sure that your gutters are clear of leaves and debris will help with water flow and protect your roof from too much moisture which could lead to more damage than you would want to deal with. Leaky gutters can end up causing damage to siding, roofing and interior walls if gutters are filled with dirt and debris. 

Tip Two- replace your old filters. Your air filter to your HVAC system should be changed out monthly or some can be changed every three months, but there are many more filters you should maintain during spring. Your washing machine filter, refrigerator filter, microwave filter and hood filter should all be cleaned and changed to get a fresh start for the months ahead. One pro tip is to place these items on Amazon scheduled buys so you never forget and the package comes to you when it's time to change. 

Tip Three- clean out your dryer vent. The dryer vent can be a sleeping dragon, so making sure you keep an eye on the lint build up is something you should be doing a few times a year. This is an easy process, so get the shop vacuum and get that vent looking like brad new. Make sure you check your exterior vent as well to make sure it doesn’t have any lint build up or that the grill itself hasn’t been damaged from the winter storms. This grill is important because it keeps bugs and critters from making a warm home inside. 

Tip Four- declutter your home and garage. This season is the best time of year to get rid of unused items so this tip to get your Park City home ready for spring is one of my favorite things to do. Once you finish this project enjoy the relief after decluttering your space. Start in the garage and create a donation pile and a for sale pile. After going through the items in the garage you can easily store your keep items in an organized fashion. For the inside of your house, start with the linen closets and then move through all the closets in your home. If you have a family, ask everyone to chip in. Not only will you be removing unwanted clutter, but you can also donate these gently used items for someone in need. This is a win-win situation for all!

Tip Five- clean out the garden bed and prepare for your new vegetable garden or new annuals you will be planting for the year. Get your garden tools out and start removing debris from your beds and cutting back any plants that may not have gotten the winterization attention in the fall. Add fresh topsoil to these areas and some fresh wood chips to help retain moisture. Plant some plants that are ready for the early season, and you can start enjoying your garden right away.

Tip Six- check your batteries in your smoke alarms and hit the test button on your carbon monoxide detectors. As a good rule of practice, check your batteries twice a year to make they are still good and test both your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors at the same time to make sure they are working correctly. This is a simple task, but one you will be thankful you did! If your home doesnt have a carbon monoxide detector, you can install wall mounted ones that sit at floor level and plug into an outlet. 

Tip Seven- clean your outdoor furniture and power wash your decks, patios, and entry ways. After being stored outside for the winter your furniture will most likely be covered in dust and grime from the past winter months and heavy snowfall. Re-stage your patio furniture and get it ready for the fun in the sun. If you have a power washer, do a quick wash on your decks, patio, and front entry. Make the home feel clean and welcoming to all friends who may join for an evening cookout.

Tip Eight- get your carpets cleaned. After a wet winter and mud season, your carpets may have seen better days. This is especially the case if you have pets. Getting on a schedule with a professional carpet cleaner for every spring will give you a nice reminder it’s time to get your carpets cleaned and they will already have time carved out for you in their schedule so you can focus on other Park City house projects. 

Tip Nine- wash your windows and screens. Many will remove their screens during the winter, so before you put them back up, wash your windows and give the screens a bath as well. There are many great companies out there who you can hire this out if your windows are too high or you wimple don’t want to do the task yourself. Rates are surprisingly affordable and the team at Homes Park City has some great recommendations if you need. 

Tip Ten- clean out your refrigerator. That’s right, take every item out and wipe out the drawers and shelves clean. Over the winter many condiments spill and little bits of food gets left behind. This creates an unwanted smell along with germs and bacteria. Before you restock your fridge, go through all your condiments to check the dates to make sure you are still using good items to top off your delicious meals. You will thank me for this one when you have company over.

I know this list may look overwhelming at first glance, but setting aside time for one good weekend you can get this whole list done. When it is time for your first spring BBQ, your home will look and feel amazing, and inviting. If you are looking for help with any of these items, reach out to Railton North + Co. | Homes Park City. We have a list of preferred handymen and professionals that we would highly recommend if you would rather not do these projects on your own. We hope that these 10 tips help you get your home in Park City ready for spring!

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